Who We Are

She Votes Illinois was founded when a few women got together over coffee in 2017. We were disappointed that there were no women running for governor of Illinois—especially since Illinois has never had a woman serve as governor. We decided to address this lack of representation directly, in a way that engaged the field of candidates running for the Democratic nomination in the 2018 race. We wanted the candidates to answer questions about issues unique to the women of Illinois, so we organized a Women’s Forum with more than 500 people attending our inaugural event.

Today, we work to make sure all women can vote in every state and local election. We work to ensure our elected officials and candidates for office understand the issues most important to Illinois women, and we help our elected officials create and enforce policies that uplift us all. We work to support women entering into state and local politics­—whether that be by running for office, working on campaigns, lobbying for women’s rights, or through political activism.

“She Votes Illinois focuses on effecting change through people power, but some of these actions require more than time and energy -- they require funds! Please consider donating to our grassroots organization to help uplift the voices doing the work on the ground.”

- Marissa Miller, President